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Poolmaster Lda is one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in Madeira Island. In addition to turnkey pool construction, the company also performs repairs and renovations on pools, supplying professional equipment and pool chemicals.


If you wish to enjoy a swimming pool, seek professionals for its construction:

  • Pool design
  • We carry out construction works
  • We finish with tiles
  • We select, supply, and install equipment
  • We provide warranty maintenance
  • We repair and rebuild

Pool design

We carry out construction works

We finish with tiles

We select, supply, and install equipment

We provide warranty maintenance

We repair and rebuild


Pool water doesn't stay clean forever. It's polluted daily by the bathers and the environment, and it's essential to perform regular water maintenance.

Pool treatments

  • Water balancing
  • Permanent disinfection
  • Algae prevention
  • Flocculation and clarifier


  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Water heating
  • Automatic pool treatments
  • Tiles

Water balancing

Permanent disinfection

Algae prevention

Flocculation and clarifier



Water heating

Automatic pool treatments



You already have a pool. Are you sure that its water quality follows the guidelines and is safe for you?

Your safety is our top priority. This is why we:

  • Only use certified products from leading manufacturers
  • Regularly clean pools
  • Maintain and replace equipment
  • Monitor water quality remotely

Only use certified products from leading manufacturers

Regularly clean pools

Maintain and replace equipment

Monitor water quality remotely

Types of Pools

When considering installing a private pool, homeowners face many questions and choices. An important step in planning is getting acquainted with the different types of pools, their characteristics, and specifications. There are several parameters by which pools differ. For example, according to manufacturing materials, they can be distinguished as follows:

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are rightly considered the standard for strength and durability. Their undeniable advantage is absolute flexibility in design, allowing for the realization of the most bold and unconventional projects. It's possible to create a pool of any shape, depth, and size, integrating it into any landscape design. Although building a concrete pool requires significant investments of time and money, the result justifies all expectations, offering the owner a unique and truly personalized product.

Fiberglass Pools

While fiberglass pools offer quick and easy installation, they limit creative freedom due to predefined shapes and sizes. Their smooth surface, though easy to maintain, may sometimes seem less attractive compared to the customized finish of concrete pools. Additionally, difficulties with transporting large-sized elements can become a serious obstacle for some projects.

Plastic (PVC) Pools

Plastic pools represent the most economical option, but unfortunately, their durability and aesthetic appeal often leave much to be desired. Despite the ease of installation and affordability, they may require frequent replacement or repair. Moreover, PVC pools can rarely compete with concrete or even fiberglass pools in terms of customization and external appearance, limiting owners to standard solutions.

Types of Pool Linings

Each type of lining has unique characteristics that can influence the choice of the ideal pool project, considering both aesthetic and practical aspects.

Tile Lining

Tiles are an excellent choice for lining concrete pools due to their resistance to chlorine and sunlight exposure. They provide a colorful and varied finish, allowing for the creation of custom patterns and designs on the pool surface. In addition to durability, tiles offer ease of cleaning and maintenance, representing a practical and aesthetically pleasing option.
Lifespan: Long term 30-40 years


Using small pieces in artistic compositions, mosaic is a lining option that allows for a high degree of customization. Available in various materials such as glass, ceramic, and natural stone, mosaic is ideal for those seeking a luxurious and detailed finish, turning the pool into a true work of art.
Lifespan: Long term 30-40 years

Special Pool Mortar

Special mortar is applied over the concrete surface, forming a smooth and cohesive layer that protects the pool structure. Besides being an economical solution, this type of lining is effective in waterproofing and offers a variety of colors, allowing adaptation to the desired design.
Lifespan: Medium-long term 20-25 years

Polymeric Coating

Polymeric coating, also known as "liquid glass," stands out for its resistance to water and chemicals, as well as preventing algae growth. Its application results in a smooth and transparent surface that facilitates cleaning and maintenance, making it a modern and practical option for pool lining.
Lifespan: Medium term 15-20 years

Vinyl Membrane

Flexible and adaptable, vinyl membrane covers the pool surface perfectly, ensuring total waterproofing. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it allows customization of the pool's appearance, while offering a surface pleasant to the touch and resistance to UV rays and chemicals.
Lifespan: Medium-short term 10-15 years

Natural Stone

Lining with natural stone, such as marble, granite, or slate, gives the pool a noble and elegant appearance. Each unique piece of stone adds distinct character to the project, ensuring a finish of high durability and singular beauty. Although it represents a higher investment, natural stone is valued for its timeless aesthetics and exceptional resistance.
Lifespan: Medium term 15-20 years

Stages of Pool Construction

1. Planning and Design

In this initial phase, it is essential to consider not only the owner's preferences but also the specific characteristics of the site where the pool will be built. Professional designers and architects develop detailed plans and visualizations that include the location, shape, depth of the pool, as well as the placement of additional elements such as stairs, lighting, water features, and heating systems. Special attention is given to the selection of finishing materials and equipment to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

2. Excavation and Base Preparation

After project approval, the excavation phase begins, during which appropriate machinery digs a hole of the required size and shape. It is crucial to properly prepare the base, considering the need for drainage and construction stability. This stage may include reinforcing the walls of the hole and installing forms to ensure that the pool has the planned dimensions.

3. Reinforcement and Hydraulic Systems Installation

The reinforcement skeleton, usually made of steel bars, provides the basis for the strength and stability of the pool. Simultaneously, the installation of internal hydraulic systems is carried out, including pipes for the filtration system, water supply, and drainage, as well as preparation for equipment installation.

4. Concreting and Waterproofing

Concreting is a key step in the construction of the pool structure, ensuring its strength and longevity. After the concrete base hardens, a high-quality waterproofing coating is applied. This step is crucial to protect the structure against water infiltration and prevent corrosion, significantly contributing to extending the pool's lifespan.

5. Finishing

Finishing works give the pool a complete and attractive appearance. Depending on the chosen design, this may include the installation of ceramic tiles, application of special waterproof mortar, or mosaic. High-quality finishing not only beautifies but also offers additional protection to the pool structure.

6. Equipment Installation and Filtration System

At this stage, all necessary equipment is installed and configured, including pumps, filters, heating systems, and water purification. Correct installation and adjustment of the filtration system are essential for the functionality and maintenance of water quality in the pool.

7. Filling and Initial Water Treatment

The final step involves filling the pool with water, adjusting its chemical balance, and performing initial treatment to ensure that the water is safe for bathing. This process is crucial for preparing the pool for use.

Swimming Pool Construction in Madeira Island

Building pools on Madeira Island requires a special approach due to the mountainous terrain and often limited space of the plots, as well as unstable soils and geological activity, including rare earthquakes. These conditions require engineers and architects to apply innovative construction methods and techniques to ensure the stability and safety of pool structures.

Poolmaster has successful experience in building pools in Funchal, Calheta, Santa Cruz, and other areas of Madeira.

Prices of Pool Construction

The price of a pool depends largely on various factors, primarily its size, soil type, lining type, equipment complexity, and the presence of additional features such as lighting, heating systems, waterfalls, or counter-currents. Contact our specialists to arrange a visit to discuss pool details and provide a subsequent quote.

Why Choose PoolMaster?

Choosing Poolmaster for your pool construction means a commitment to quality and personalized approach. We offer unique solutions tailored to each client, using only high-quality materials combined with advanced technologies. Our experts have many years of experience in pool construction, allowing us to execute projects of different complexities effectively. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our partnership with the best European equipment suppliers, ensuring reliability and longevity for every pool we build. By choosing Poolmaster, you guarantee high-level service, competitive prices, strict adherence to deadlines, as well as safety and customization of your project.


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